Healing Broken Bones With Herbs

It has now been 3 weeks given that my daughter broke her collarbone, and if I hadn’t visible her recuperation with my own eyes I wouldn’t trust it. The medical career says a collarbone commonly takes 4 to six weeks to heal. My daughter’s took . Many of you, like my wife, might not be surprised with the aid of this, but having not come from an herbalist’s historical past, things like this nevertheless amaze me. My wife has been analyzing herbs and herbal healing for pretty some time, so as she saw this healing arise her reaction changed into in reality “Well yeah, that’s the way it works.”

On a Monday morning my 4-12 months-antique little female fell off the couch and landed simply proper to interrupt her collarbone. She straight away started screaming in pain, and not simply the form of screaming while a child falls down and gets bumped. This become the form of screaming where you straight away know something is simply incorrect. All you parents recognise exactly what I’m speakme approximately. She couldn’t be touched, she could not be consoled, and he or she wouldn’t chill out.

Suspecting that something might be broken, we quickly went to the medical doctor’s workplace to get x-rays. The x-ray showed our suspicions and really showed her damaged clavicle. While very satisfactory and expert, the most effective aspect the medical doctor counseled was a sling and gave her a prescription for Tylenol3. We thanked him very a lot, didn’t hassle to fill the prescription, and went home. Now that we knew it was a damaged bone, we knew exactly where to start operating.

We right away began giving her Comfrey tea with Willow to drink. Comfrey is a bone and tissue healer at the same time as Willow facilitates to relieve ache (Aspirin become sincerely derived from Willow). We placed a Complete Tissue And Bone (formerly known as Bone Flesh and Cartilage or BF&C system) fomentation on her collarbone and saved it there for the relaxation of the day. We additionally gave her homeopathic Arnica dissolved in water regularly. Arnica has been used since the 1500s for treating injuries along with sprains, breaks and bruises.

Our recurring over the subsequent numerous days included 5 to six cups of Comfrey tea with Willow in it, fomentations most of the day and at night, Complete Tissue And Bone powder added to our green drinks in the morning, Complete Tissue And Bone oil rubbed on her clavicle, and homeopathic Arnica dissolved in water 3 or four times at some stage in the day.

So what have been the results?

On Tuesday, the day after the accident, her deer antler velvet spray collarbone became very painful, and he or she needed help with everything which includes going to the rest room. She could not colour, and she or he spent the day watching films, which kept her nevertheless. Wednesday she had loads much less ache and changed into commonly shifting around plenty greater. Thursday her cousins came over and he or she performed with them for numerous hours. She wore a sling for some hours that day to remind her no longer to move her arm an excessive amount of. Friday she went to see a ballet, took the sling off because it became stressful her, and was energetic all day. By Sunday she turned into satisfied and gambling, wearing her infant dolls, dressing up, and even going for walks, although her collarbone hurt barely while running.

Over the subsequent week she stored getting higher and higher. We stored the recurring of giving her Comfrey tea with Willow, rubbing oil on her clavicle all through the day, and placing fomentations on at night time, although we decreased the frequency. By the following Tuesday, now weeks since the wreck, she turned into acting as though it had never took place. In fact she even went swimming and was later bragging that she changed into able to do all of her strokes: freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and even butterfly. Later in the week she turned into even crawling.

It has now been three weeks and we still rub Complete Tissue And Bone oil on her collarbone and he or she has at least one cup of Comfrey tea each day. We also nonetheless add Complete Tissue And Bone powder to our green liquids in the morning. She is acting like our energetic four-12 months-antique little woman again and, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I might by no means even guess that she ever broke her collarbone.